About the Project

Funding Programme: ERASMUS-EDU-2022-PEX-TEACH-ACA — Partnership for Excellence – Erasmus+ Teacher Academies
Budget: 1.452.536,76 euro, Funding(80%) : 1.162.029,40 euro

It is widely accepted and documented through studies and references that school students lack competences and skills at the completion of the cycle of their school studies. As one of the key factors that can develop competences and skills in school students, especially in grades 6-12, is the known multidiscipline and mutliscience project based learning activity. In the last 15 years we have seen the development from STEM to STEAM and now to STEAME (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Entrepreneurship) becoming the subject set that through project based learning activity of school students, is considered the kinetic energy for producing the creators and innovators of the future. The catalyst in making this a reality are the subject teachers in service and the future student teachers through their initial training at the university level. This project will develop a model through a STEAME Teacher Facilitators Academies networked through a European Federation of such Academies at the local level, which will support the change to the future schools with main actors the teacher facilitators as the future professionals and experts of learning change and facilitators of competence and skills development in youth.

The STEAME Teacher Facilitators Academies will support the training of service teachers and the training of student teachers. At certain stage the service teachers will serve as mentors of the student teachers throughout a European mobility based system. This will create a networking between school education and university education and possibly industry, working together as co-creators for the sustainable development between teacher education providers with impact on the quality of education in Europe. This will support the continuous professional development of future teachers and lay the ground for the future schools of STEAME project based learning environments for students.

The main innovations to be delivered by this project are:
1. STEAME Teacher Facilitators Competence Framework for student and serving teachers
2. STEAME Teacher Facilitators Learning Modules/Workshops
3. International Sharing Observatory for STEAME Learning Facilitators
4. Development of the STEAME Facilitators Community of Practice/Mentoring and Certification Programme
5. Policy Recommendations – European Federation of STEAME Teacher Facilitators Academies

Most of the above are based on experiences and innovations from 16 completed or running projects, mainly school education projects under ERASMUS+ KA2. In the partnership of this project there is at least one partner from each one of these 16 projects, who will share the experience and innovations created utilizing them in making the 5 innovations listed here above a quality innovation for serving the continuous professional development of teachers. This will also enhance the European Dimension and internationalization of teachers, facilitating the European wide mentoring to support mobility of teachers and place teachers in the path to Education 3.0 and 4.0, all for producing the creators of the future.

Latest News


On the 26th of June (13:00 – 15:00 CEST) the coordinator of the STEAME TEACHER ACADEMY will participate in the roundtable of THE STE(A)M EDUCATION EUROPEAN ROADMAP (THE SEER) SEMINAR.

In this interactive online event, the SEER’s team of pedagogy experts will discuss the training needs of teachers and educators for the widespread implementation of STE(A)M Education in Europe. The key discussion points will include the following:

– Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Offerings in Europe

– Initial Teacher Education Courses

– Curriculum Alignment

The participation to the event is free.

For more information and the agenda of the event, click HERE.

To register to the event, click HERE.

June 5, 2024 – SCIENTIX 2024 STEM Discovery Campaign

Τhe STEAME ACADEMY project participated as an official partner in the SCIENTIX 2024 STEM Discovery Campaign. This year’s campaign has been the largest on record, engaging over 100,000 teachers and reaching more than 500,000 students throughout Europe and beyond.

We are honored to be part of this impactful initiative and look forward to continuing our efforts in inspiring and educating future generations of scientists and innovators.

April 5, 2024 – European Workshop and Round Table Event, Porto

On April 5, 2024, we organized the first STEAME ACADEMY European Workshop and Round Table Event in the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, with over 50 participants (27 from the project’s partners and 18 external) from 10 countries.

The attendees delved into the Project-Based Learning (PBL) method, shared innovative approaches to STEAME Learning & Creativity Plans and explored effective STEAME evaluation methods.

Do not miss the next STEAME ACADEMY European Workshop – the details will be announced soon.


March 16, 2024 – European STEAME ACADEMY Symposium 2024

On the 12-16 March 2024, the European STEAME ACADEMY 2024 Symposium was held in Rome, Italy. The Symposium was Organized by the Cyprus Mathematical Society, partner in the STEAME ACADEMY project, and the Thales Foundation. It was hosted by the Tor Vergata University of Rome.
The programme of the Symposium consisted of 5 presentations and 19 workshops.
The presentations (coded SY) and workshops (coded WS) of the European STEAME ACADEMY Symposium can be found in the programme HERE.