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Date Announcement Speaker Registration link YouTube video link
April 15, 2024 (17:00 CET) STEAME School in Action Mr Momchil Benov Register here
February 26, 2024
(17:00 CET)
STEAME Decathlon: a formative assessment technique Dr. Georgios Tsalakos Register here
February 19, 2024
(17:00 CET)
The transition from STEAM to STEAME: Integrating Entrepreneurship through PBL Mrs Kalipso Apergi Register here
December 06, 2023
(17:00 CET)
Actively Incorporating Arts in Mathematics and Science education – An Introduction to Educational Theatre Mr Yiannis Lazarou Register here
November 16, 2023
(17:00 CET)
Navigating the Future: Harnessing Social
Virtual Environments for Education
Dr. Vlasios Kasapakis Register here
October 29, 2021 STEAME School of the Future Dr. Gregory Makrides