The project aims to establish the Erasmus+ Teacher Academies Network, consisting of 14 diverse organizations from 9 countries, focused on improving teacher education policies and practices in Europe. By creating networks and communities of practice, the project will bring together providers of initial and continuing teacher education, as well as relevant stakeholders, to develop effective and transferable strategies and programs for professional learning. The collaboration will also enhance European and international collaboration in teacher education through innovative partnerships between teacher educators and school teachers, promoting blended training programs and addressing key EU priorities. The project will test models of mobility and establish the European Federation of STEAME Teacher Academies to foster sustainable collaboration and inform teacher education policy makers.

The main objectives of this projects are:

  1. STEAME Teachers Facilitators Competence Framework for student and service teachers
  2. STEAME Teacher Facilitators Learning Modules/Workshops
  3. International Sharing Observatory for STEAME Learning Facilitators
  4. Development of the STEAME Facilitators Community of Practice/Mentoring and Certification programme
  5. Policy Recommendations – European Federation of STEAME Teacher Facilitators Academies

STEAME-ACADEMY develops activities that are the hallmarks of its vision:

  • Innovative education driven by self-developed support to teacher students and service teachers in STEAME learning
  • Inclusive education catering to teacher students of all abilities and all ages, including service teachers as lifelong learners
  • Sustained cooperation with local industry in order to create STEAME projects for teachers and schools students
  • Strong links with the local education and non-education communities through volunteering and open STEAME activities
  • Integration into the regional ecosystems through contributions in smart specialisation domains, particularly pertaining to digital transformation and Education 4.0
  • International networking in Europe and beyond the borders of the European Union
  • Support the STEAME teacher experts in becoming the role models of future teachers